Ben Lady-Hitler Licorice Fatty (iamspecial) wrote in tungsten_fans,
Ben Lady-Hitler Licorice Fatty

Firrrrrrrrst entry

Hey everyone (or actually so far just me). Your benevolent dictator and community moderator, Abatha (me!) welcomes you to what will surely become the greatest community on the entire internet, as we band together in our love for that irrascible scamp of an element, TUNGSTEN!

Just to start us out:

Here's a wicked cool glamour shot of Tungsten! So dreamy!

This is a pretty wicked cool test about which element you are! Unfortunately tungsten is not one of the responses, but it's still cool!

And this is a pretty wicked ridiculous website I read right before I started thinking about how cool tungsten was and started this community!!!!

A'ight, Seacrest OUT!
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