The Tungsten Fan Club

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Tungsten is pretty great, don't you agree?? Yes? You agree? Then you should join this community!!

Possible topics of discussion:
-Light-bulb filaments
-Medieval German smelters
-Why Tungsten changed its name from Wolfram to Tungsten
-Complicated chemistry stuff I don't understand
-Making fun of other elements, such as Boron
-Awesome facts about Tungsten, such as that is has the highest melting point of any metal
-Awesome facts not about Tungsten, but which are still awesome
-Why elephants love Tungsten so much
-Why there is a character from some anime I've never heard of called Wolfram, and what connection he might have with Tungsten
-Personal stories about encounters with Tungsten
-Stuff you found on the internet while thinking about Tungsten
-Fanfiction about Tungsten

Our userpic is an elephant because elephants love Tungsten. Also they are cuter than Tungsten.

Just keep it real, ok???? And never forget... DO IT FOR THE TUNGSTEN!